First post

A first blog post is kind of like a baby's first step. Once you start, you can't stop. Or isn't that what they say about Lay's chips? I've technically kept a blog ever since my good friend Rachel bought me a purple fluffy diary for my eighth birthday. I would write about the makeup I would put on my Barbie's, needing a place to document an intense sorrow upon massacring their hair with Crayola scissors. Sorry, Skipper - if you can read this, I know a great place that does hair extensions. 

This isn't to say the plight of an eight year old is any less complex than one I'm experiencing now (what a clever way to avoid disclosing my age! I promise - it's not a "weird age," but I'd rather not feed into the minds of ageist bureaucrats) but with our digital climate functioning as the collective mode of curating information and solidifying events in time, I might as well jump on my own bandwagon. 


I say "my own," because it's about time I started to practice what I preach. If you haven't gotten a chance to skim (or cream for all you non-terrified-of-calories-people...haha) my About page, I'm the social media manager at a marketing agency. What this means is I get people from various demographics to care about what specifics brands are saying on the Internet. This means crowdsourcing, using psychology to engage, marketing ideas and services to target groups with attempts at expanding said groups, staying on top of relevant industry trends while trying to predict them, and honestly, just having fun. 

I love my job so much that I get kind of antsy on my morning commute. I just want to go up to the bus driver and be like, "Mom, ARE WE THERE YET? I CAN'T WAIT TO GO ON HOOTSUITE AND RETWEET A BUNCH OF COOL THINGS." 

There is something deeply invigorating about the immediacy of the Internet, and that's why I've launched this site; so you, Dear Reader, can immediately connect with me, Marissa Miller, instead of having to find out where I live, break into my room and uncover the musty fluffy purple journal Rachel bought me for my eighth birthday.