Photo by Marlon Kuhnreich.

I'm going to dive right in here: Amy Schumer is a fan of mine. Your bubby is, too.  

I'm working on my first novel and currently represented by Empire Literary. My reporting has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Vogue, GQ, CNN Style, BBC Travel, Cosmopolitan, VICE, Teen Vogue, Allure, Women's Health, SELF, The Huffington Post, Chatelaine, Reader's Digest, The Frisky, The Montreal Gazette, The National Post and more. I'm passionate about covering social and gender issues, technology, travel, fashion, fitness, not taking fitness too seriously, beauty, not taking beauty too seriously, government legislation and how it pertains to women's rights, and everything in between. Like porn. (Hi, mom!) 

I received my B.A. in journalism and creative writing with distinction from Concordia University after working at the student newspaper in various editorial capacities. Following that, I held a social media management position at a marketing agency, and interned at Chatelaine, Canada's #1 magazine. I've worked as a freelance reporter and social media editor at the Montreal Gazette's magazine, and then edited tons of evergreen non-partisan lifestyle service content (say that 10 times fast!) as a digital editor at both Reader’s Digest and Yellow Pages Digital Media & Solutions. Give me a CMS to play with, and I'm stoked.

I’ve published poetry in dozens of anthologies by the National Poetry Institute of Canada, and I'd be happy to steep a pot of oolong and show you. Cosmopolitan and BuzzFeed listed one of my tweets among the 100 most "hilarious" of 2016, and has included it in so many listicles I'm thisclose to asking for my royalties. Twice, The Huffington Post listed it among the funniest written by women in 2016 alongside Hillary Clinton and Aidy Bryant. The GuardianQuartz, ELLE Australia and Esquire wrote about it, too, which validates the countless hours I spend chronicling my interior monologue.

There was also that time I appeared on episode 1105 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E! for my interview with Kylie Jenner at her 18th birthday party. I transcribed our conversation in lip liner, as one does. But what was perhaps the most pivotal moment in my career was when The Washington Post sent me to Quebec City to cover a mass murder targeting the Muslim community.

I've given university lectures on the business of freelance journalism, reporting techniques and social media strategy. I'm also regularly invited as a guest on the radio and various podcasts to talk about topics including but not limited to: Resting Bitch Face, Galentine's Day and the delicate art and science of a successful Netflix and/or Chill.

My parents have yet to ask me when I'm going to get a real job, so I consider that a victory.